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GoPro’s Drone Wants to Take Down DJI


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Dec 16, 2015
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New York
Here is a quote I found interesting in light of the new FAA registration announcement...

"One spec that could really give the GoPro Karma a huge boost is its weight. If GoPro is able to implement a tiny, lightweight, high-quality camera, technology their entire company is based on, then perhaps they could offer an action drone that’s under 0.55 pounds. This weight is important because of new FAA regulations that require any drone above 0.55 pounds to be registered by February 19, 2016, with heavy penalties for flying unregistered drones. Now 0.55 pounds is pretty svelte considering that most professional drones are at least 2.5 pounds. However, there’s a chance that the Karma is aimed at consumers rather than professionals, which would give it a chance to skirt that registration weight."

Here is the source with the rest of the story - Karma is Coming: GoPro’s Drone Wants to Take Down DJI | Resource Magazine
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That'll be a big challenge but clearly an advantage if they can pull it off. If my math is correct, the Hero2 is 3.5 ounces so it only gives them 5.3 ounces for the drone...
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GoPro also has to realize that if they actually are going for lightweight it won't perform well in wind which could be a key factor versus the phantom which performs well in the wind
taking on DJI is easier said than done, especially as most of the innovation is coming regularly from DJI at the moment, but will be interesting to see what comes out
better hurry then cos DJI have them under their boot heel at the moment......bad karma
Phantom 4 is making this a much tougher climb for GoPro.
Potential for karma is off the charts. If it has the tech I think it does it could send Dji back to the drawing board.

My thoughts:
1) SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) collision avoidance
2) Flight time - if karma is smaller, longer flight time than Dji
3) Catch and Release - ability to hand off karma from flight to hand held vice versa - with a stabilization gimbal this would be an incredible feature for movie making. I imagine any gimbal option on karma is extra $ tho
4) the leaked pic of the controller has a speaker (be cool to be able to communicate through karma)
5) some water resistence for surf
Ya, at the right price this would be a challenger for DJI. However I suspect it'll be tough to pull all this off well on a v1.0.
I think the gimbal will be part of the basic package but the HERO 5 might be extra.
The promotion has been all about the stabilization from the beginning so it would be silly to not include a gimbal as standard.Also from the pictures I've seen the gimbal looks like it's an integral part of the body of the Karma,not an add on or removable part.

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