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Getting confidence with karma


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Feb 5, 2018
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Reading discussions about karma's getting lost is not really good for getting confidence in karma. I bought the unit just before they announced stopping with karma. Today i made three flights with succes. Made some movies and photos while learning flying and turning making circles with both joysticks. Lucky it is all open field here without man made structures. I am happy how karma f
Is flying.

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Good way to start. As most say, Fly within your limits and reasonable limits for the Karma and it is a very good platform for the GoPro camera.

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Hi you all. Just wanted to share my recent Karma experience.
So, I bought whole package in US via GoPro promotional offer in January 2018: Karma drone + karma grip + Hero6 black($1000) plus extra battery and a set of props ($125) = about $1200 all together include taxes. Made first few flights around my apartment complex - was very happy with Karma, despite 2 broken props on my 3rd flight=) Got GoPro care+ for an extra $200 to be more confident with my gear.
Two weeks from now I received an software upgrade for my karma via remote. Now, I'm constantly loosing connection between Karma and remote. Literally couple hundred feet away and "Lost connection" message pops up. I haven't tried reset all the settings yet, just waiting for the weekend.

Is anybody experiencing such issues?
No haven’t had any problems with the update-it could be the complex.

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I got the Karma in January- update was available then.

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