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Flight Log Hacking


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Apr 17, 2019
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trafalgar vic australia
I have been wondering if anyone has successfully got there hands on a copy of the flight logs. i have tried accessing i thru USB But the controller doesn't show up as a device. i then tried to track all the files thru a gate over WiFi. however this was unsuccessful. now this made me think, has any one actuality managed to fined these files.
I haven't heard of anyone who has mate. Will be interesting to see if anyone has.
I would also like to know a well. By the way of late, the weekly report of GoPro Pilots keeps turning up in Junk Mail.
yeah that might be true but you will still be one step closer. then you can try to decrypt it later. i have tought of asking go-pro to send me the files.
I may be wrong, a while since I tried but doesn't it store a lot of data in the video files using the space for extra audio tracks.

Dashware used to extract it and it included motor speeds, height, distance, etc

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From what I have found out, Dashware only works with GoPro 5 and not with 6 or 7. If you want more help it tells you to contact GoPro Support.

What is more GoPro Pilots keeps turning up in my Junk File. It has been doing thi for the past couple of months.
Dashware can be tweaked using some files from Quik which contains lots of the dashware product. Not sure if file merging data extraction works. I could not get that to work with hero 6.


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