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First hand landing of my Karma


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Oct 16, 2018
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So yesterday i had to hand land my karma due to some local dogs wanting to have a bite of it. Now trust me i was quite scared of what it would feel like and how much resistance i would have to give for the karma to think it was on solid ground, but it was surprisingly very easy. Don’t get me wrong i will always when i can land on the ground but it’s nice to know that a hand landing is a option.

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Well done mate!
About six months ago, I was filming on a beach in Mexico. As I was landing some dogs came up and started chasing my drone as I was getting ready to land. I relaunched it and waited for them to depart. Fortunately, I had enough battery to do so. They were BIG dogs...I think they could have jumped higher than I can reach. Their owner didn't look like he cared at all...Neither was on a leash.

Fortunately, I had plenty of battery left, and was able to fly until the disappeared. Another good reason not to drain the battery! :)

Glad you were able to hand-land your drone safely!
I do quit often a hand land but also a hand start. Mostly because there is no good place to land or start or when i get compass interference because of metal. For hand landing i have Karma at 5 meters hight and i stand directly under it and let it slowly descent and grab it. Hand start is having it above me and start rotors and the quick ascent to 3 or more meters. In this way i am under the rotors if Karma decide to do things on its own

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