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drone not responding


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Sep 11, 2018
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Me and a friend bought a drone each from Best Buy. Both of us was misled that it had obstacle sensors and much more. . My friend actually took his back because it came on by it’s self and cut his hand open . And I have had problems with it drifting away when not touching the controller . I have recalibrated it several times made sure the up dates were current. The gps is not much always loosing signal so basically flying by sight only. I have had it crash at landing even with the return home feature in play. Not very impressed with it . The dji drones seem to be more of f a drone than the karma. I guess it was intended to keep close and take Ariel pictures. Because when it doesn’t respond very flying it . It like throwing a thousand away on a piece of crap. Anybody else have issues like this
Anybody else have issues like this

In a word? No. My experience has generally been fairly positive. I’ve lost GPS, I’ve had some hard landings, but those issues were fairly minor, and mostly due to my inexperience as a pilot. I can’t imagine the drone ever turning on by itself. If you have strong GPS, it will still drift a bit, but nothing too substantial. I can generally fly as far away as I am comfortable, while still flying in line of sight. I typically avoid using RTH, but it has worked as advertised when I have used it to land.

If you’re always losing GPS, you might have a faulty unit, especially if you have a similar experience regardless of where you fly. Gopro Customer Service might help you resolve.

I’ve also posted several “Karma Flight School” threads on this site to help folks get the most out of their Karma Purchase.

In general, I think the DJI drones are better than the Karma in the context of the sensors, range, portability, stability, and intelligent flight modes, but not in versitility, ease of use, and the quality of the camera footage. It really isn’t much of an Apples to Apples comparison though, because Karma is an action camera packaged with a hand-held gimbal/stabilizer and a $300 drone along with a backpack and other accessories, and the DJI products are...just drones. Great drones to be sure, but just drones.

As a full featured product, Karma allows me to take my film-making underwater, on land, sea, and air. As a budget option, it isn’t a bad deal, even with all things considered.
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I have over 40 logged flights with Karma in almost as many various locations. I have lost GPS and had compass errors only when just trying it out when I first got it by my house in the city out of a parking lot. Rest of flights over sailing centers and clubs, friends places out in suburbs or in country, no issues. I have 3 other quads, 2 racers and a big QAV 540 G that I am playing with long range low altitude (below 400-ft) on, got 2.1 miles so far, and got the Karma for overall package and feel it does very well for what intended. Nothing flies itself and being a decent pilot has a lot to do with many of the issues blamed on the Karma.

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"Both of us was misled that it had obstacle sensors and much more"

If the store told you it had this then you should take it back as they have really misled you big time......
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Having been a helicopter pilot years ago I haven't had a single issue with flying my Karma. I don't use the GPS cuz I haven't figured that one out yet but my drone is solid when hovering, almost no drift what so ever and in up to 10 mph air currents. I also keep line of sigh a don't totally rely on the camera and screen. I'm brand new to drones but I'm loving mine except my controller went out (bought second hand). Here's a kudos for GoPro though.... I bought my Karma second hand from eBay and the controller crashed. I got on GoPro's chat help cuz talking to the outsourced lady on the phone wasn't happening. Anyhow, I sent my PayPal receipt to GoPro's customer service guy and they didn't question anything, he said they'd send me a brand new controller and sent a shipping label for the old one too, totally free of charge.
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