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Controller has issues

Willy Fly

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Jun 9, 2018
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Hello... I am brand new to this forum and before I call GoPro I am wondering if anyone is having problems with the controller. When I tap into a menu, it will switch to the menu then switch right back to the camera screen. For example, after take off I tap into the auto shot menu and it pops up and before I can select a shot, it switches back to the camera screen. I did get into a drone set up and changed the max altitude, fired off the play and it disregarded the altitude setting and tried to fly to 300 feet before I canceled the shot right before it was going to fly into a treetop. I just got the Karma last week and downloaded all of the latest updates. Seems like a software issue...or not.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Did you calibrate the drone before flying ?

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Thank You for the reply,

Yes, I did the initial calibration. It took 2 or 3 tries before it was successful, but I finally got it. I was thinking about trying to reinstall the firmware if it will let me. The problem is it's intermittent and is causing me to lose confidence in the controller.

Yes, recheck your calibrations, also make sure you have a strong GPS signal. Look concentrate on your flying and keep your drone in visual sight. If you want a still of a particular view, then tap print screen on your computer and down load it to a program like Paintshop Pro. Look practice at a low altitude with the drone right in front of you to take single camera shots. This way you have more positive control of the drone.
How do you know you have a strong GPS signal?
When you don't have to do the drone dance in the horizontal and vertical.
Ok. Sometimes I have seen that movement in my Karma when is flying yet. Before take off GPS is ok (message in the screen) and when is flying happens.
I wonder if there is a signal in the screen controller about Strong GPS signal?
Can you tell me what wind conditions were at the time of flight. I try to keep wind conditions under 10 kph, over that the GPS is working overtime to keep the drone stable, that is when you can observe the GPS making great changes to the drones position. The screen on the controller I great to check the camera position, but I advise you keep your eye on the drone at all times.
Yes I thought that was the problem Xomax. See if you can get a local wind speed from a local airport before you fly.

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