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compass error no gps

Sun Of Horus

Mar 15, 2019
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Tried to fly today, 1st time in about a week. Can't get it off the ground. Compass error; move or recalibrate....moved all over, and when attempting to calibrate it says calibration error no gps. tried everything, up to and including factory reset. Customer service couldn't help. went online and saw it's a major problem all over the planet. Seems after the 1st of the year something inside the drone that connects with gps can't, probably a firmware dating issue. Just wanted to give a heads up so you're not unaware. Hopefully GoPro will find a fix soon, otherwise I'm assuming all karmas are grounded
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I had a problem yesterday. I lost the connection and it went out of my sight. No idea where it landed, I hope no one got hurt. =( What should I do?
I had a problem yesterday. I lost the connection and it went out of my sight. No idea where it landed, I hope no one got hurt. =( What should I do?

Not much you can do. Given reports of worldwide GPS issues, I almost guarantee you were flying without GPS. Your drone would have warned you about this, and told you that only an expert pilot should attempt flight without GPS.

Without GPS, not only did your drone lack features that keep it somewhat stable and help avoid fly offs, you wouldn't have been able to calibrate your compass correctly, and Return to Home would not function either. The "Find my drone" app on your remote is undoubtedly unreliable in helping you locate your drone as well.

You could walk in the general direction your drone was headed, and look for it, but good luck finding it. Maybe you will get lucky, I wish you the best!
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HAHA.....i knew something had to be wrong. Havent flown in several months and I bring it down to Myrtle Beach to get some footage and show a friend and low and behold, the doggone thing wouldn't calibrate....almost thru it in the Atlantic (no, not really :eek:) )...... Went online to see if there happened to have an issue and there it was. Certainly hope GP get a satisfactory fix el pronto.
Just spoke with Gopro and they said it is a software issue, they’re releasing a firmware to fix this next week , after that , we’ll be able to fly our drones again ( I hope so)


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Yay. Update went well and a/c fired up although i didnt take it outside for a spin. Got farther than i did when i was down south.
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All updated fine here in Australia.
Karma back up in the air!!!! YAY!
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Just download the software up here in California, works like a charm again. Thanks go pro!

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