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CAMERA NO FOUND - Karma problem

are the camera the latest version. If not then update it via pc and not via controller karma.

Try to turn the camera separately AFTER the drone/gimbal turns on.

If it fails then take a table fan and point it directly infront of the drone when turned on for basic airflow and let it be turned on for minutes until it turns off itself.

If it fails.
Disconnect everything including the batteries and press power button on drone and camera without batteries to drain he power and start over again.
It looks like most of the connection are fine between the drone and controller, you can try to open the harness pulling out and reinstall the camera when the connection is on, sometimes you need to do it again and again.
I also have the connection problem but it is " karma is not found", after pulling out and insert back the battery several times (sometimes only one time, sometimes 3 or 4 times), it works normal again.
I have camera not found fault.

I reset the controller and camera and did the below solution:

Camera Not Detected On Karma​

Apr 11, 2020​

Camera Is Not Detected On Karma
  • Karma
  1. Power off Karma Controller
  2. Power off Karma
  3. Remove Stabilizer from Karma
  4. Make sure that camera is updated to latest firmware via GoPro App, Quik For Desktop, or Manual update process
  5. Format SD card in-camera - Important: This erases all content on the card. Be sure to back up your files first. How to format your SD card
  6. Make sure camera is powered off
  7. Reinstall camera into Stablizer
  8. Install Stabilizer into Karma
  9. Power on Karma and Karma Controller
GoPro Support

Camera now shows connected by updates and was showing video on controller once and then it froze with camera not responding so still no luck, please help!


Managed to get the camera connected for a short space of time before it stopped responding while there was a compass interference in upbuilt Wi-Fi area, will try a Wi-Fi free location next time.

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