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Newspaper Sticks Up for Drone Pilots

Thank you for that!. I have been wanting to do more Sedona Droning and I find those signs everywhere.
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I've worked for every level of government. Local, state, Federal and one thing is for sure! If they can screw it up they will!!! So here you combined two branches of government.... HA HA HA HA!!! I ran into one a few weeks ago in Manilla Utah. It's a retirement/fishing/ranch community of maybe 1000 seasonal residents. I wanted to fly a formation that runs the length of town but when I set up the flight I got shut down due to a no fly zone. I thought hard what that might be.... Airport within 5 miles.... Born and raised here and I have never once seen an airplane fly in or out of Manilla. I don't even think there's a runway, it's a ranch field full of cows and deer as far as I know. Just a town joke for the old folks to laugh about at coffee at the one cafe in town. I thought about checking the box and flying it but decided to ditch the flight, it's just not worth it and there's to much other great stuff to go flying around. Here in Rock Springs we have an model airplane airport within a mile of our airport cuz our airport is high up on a hill and the model airport is down at crick level. i guess the 400 foot elevation rule really plays into that but by law the model airport shouldn't exist there!
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