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Dec 29, 2018
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Hello all!
I received a GoPro Karma for Christmas and it is my first drone. I don’t understand what all the bad publicity is about on the internet, as this thing seems awesome! It enables one to make great, stable videos from above, which I would expect a GoPro drone to do. I keep it close so I don’t need object avoidance, I’m not videoing a 747 so I don’t care if it won’t go 30,000 feet high, 70 miles per hour, or a distance of 5 miles from me. It is an extension of the GoPro camera, which I feel it does very well. It would be nice to have an instruction manual that covered things better like the symbols on the controller screen, but other than that, it’s great! Anyway, glad to be a part and hope all are well!
Welcome mate!
You have the perfect outlook for the Karma.
It is exactly as you have described it - an aerial platform for the GoPro.
Stick with that ethos mate and you will have no probs at all.
You only see the bad stuff about the Karma on the web because the thousands of ppl who have had no issues with it dont have anything to complain about!
Most of the "fly aways and crashes" you read about could have been avoided.
Have a look through this forum and you will some very helpful stuff.

Happy flying.
Be safe listen to the old pilots. Listen to the old pilots and learn from their mistakes. Basics is the way to go. do not push the envelope rather safe than sorry. I am not an old pilot still learning. Do not take chances. Do not go out of sighting. Calibrate to new areas. Practice practice. Stay out of suburban areas. This is a serious toy with dangerous repercussions. Enjoy to the fullest and be respectful to others.
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