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New England Fall HIking Videos

Great videos mate. Beautiful scenery. What editing s/w do you use?

Great work.
Thanks Ironspear. I'm using Davinci Resolve. Just getting started. Still learning. It's an impressive capabilities and can do so much but complex and steep learning curve. The free version does a lot. I may invest in the paid version at some point when I know more about how to use it, since there are some excellent automated capabilities for improving videos.
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One more thing... I'm using Karma and the Hero7 because it has very good stabilized 4K video. But unfortunately cannot edit 4K video with the PC I have so I'm presently confined to 1080p. Will hopefully upgrade in the future so I can take full advantage of what the Karma/Hero can do!
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Nice scenerey.
Were you not scared standing on that narrow rock on the end of the video?
A little scary, but the camera views make it look worse than it does first-person. There are definitely some people who can't do it, but many people can and do. My wife had to try it in successive stages to get more comfortable (less uncomfortable?) but she eventually went further than I did on my first attempt.
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