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My experience with karma so far...


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Jun 5, 2017
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I'm new to the forum and I wanted to share my experience with the karma system, to clarify some doubts and hate people may have about this piece of equipment.

I purchased the complete set of karma that comes with the backpack, the gopro hero 5 black camera, the grip, controller and drone after selling my dji phantom 4 drone. I'm in the pro filmaking bussines for outdoor sports and needed something that could be more on par with my hand cameras (canon c100 and sony a6500), the phantom 4 camera had pretty artifical color depth, even in d-log mode.

After getting the karma set, i was amazed by the quality of the components, it felt like a proper professional piece of equipment, sturdy plastic and metal parts, the controller blew me away, and everything was just pure perfection in quality materials and craftmanship, dji need to learn about this before putting more tech to their drones wich feel like plastic camera toys. I'm on my 10th+ flight with the karma drone, and it has been the best experience in aerial footage capturing i've ever had, I don't know why are people having so much issues with the karma drone, i've never experienced power loss, horizon tilt, or you name it. It flyes like a drone made for video caturing should fly, smooth and steady without rough movements or corrections. I've realized that the karma drone isnt a drone, so it cant even compete with other big names like the mavic pro or the phantom, the karma drone is the perfect aerial platform to capture footage with your gopro, it is thought out so well for this porpuse. I highly recomend giving this system a try if you're into pro footage capturing, avoid "drone cameras" at all times if you're looking video quality, crash avoidance sensors?, most of those shots you can geat easily with a stady cam (karma grip) and if not most intelligent drone pilots will know what they're doing while fling in "crash intensive terrain", oh and good luck with flight control for those who are looking for those "octacopters" to use that as a platform to your expensive full frame camera.

All in all, i think gopro nailed it, what an amazing piece of tech.
I think many of the early issues have been resolved with firmware updates. It's becoming a fairly stable platform.

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