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Mavic Problems Too...


Oct 23, 2016
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I thought it worth posting since I have been seeing some comments and videos of the Karma drifting and even people losing control of them. Especially since dji fanboys have been bashing the Karma for such things... Well it looks as though the Mavic is having problems of their own, to the point owners are afraid to fly them...

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All technology will have problems. The biggest thing is to see if the problem is user error or drone error. Watch my YouTube channel and you'll see that I fly all major drone brands and can say technology is not perfect (issues will develop). What is interesting about the Mavic is that it is being sold worldwide in the millions (only about 50,000 have been shipped), yet there are few crash videos where it shows it's not operator error.

What is 100% frightening is that the Karma has only been released in the US in limited quantities and yet if you watch YouTube, you'll see that there is common problem with the Karma. Either the GPS shuts off and the controls become unresponsive or one of the 4 motors will fail in flight. There are more Karma crash videos on YouTube then there should be at this early release date.

Like everyone else I ordered the Karma near release date, hence the reason I'm on this forum and others. I just hope the next batch of Karma's being shipped have these issues fixed or else GoPro could have a lawsuit on their hands, should someone be injured, since there is mounting evidence showing a faulty product.
These crash videos are a disappointment. Not sure if I'll buy it. It's almost 2017, yet I was hoping drone technology would be a little bit more sophisticated. Still early innings, I guess...
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Drones are one of my many hobbies and each day I go on YouTube and do a search just for that day for any new MAVIC PRO, TYPHOON H, GOPRO KARMA, PHANTOM 4, videos. Out of those videos, each day for the past 3 weeks there has been no less than one GoPro Karma crash video.

There are some smart people at GoPro, and I'm sure they can fix the problem. The real issue is how GoPro is handling theses issues via customer service. So far, when you read the GoPro forums, it's not that great.
Yes it does appear GoPro is having their problems. But the point of this thread was to highlight that Mavic is too. I have also been doing similar in terms of searching and watching related drone videos. Both platforms are having their problems at the moment. Casey Neistat was one of the first to get his hands on a Mavic and it ended up in the Hudson... Others have had theirs crash and lost as well. Dji has a terrible history of customer service and we will see what GoPro does with the Karma... Its unfortunate that we as consumers are becoming guniea pigs in this market. A proper business model involves a fair amount of product testing before release to ensure the best possible product. But in the drone market it would appear in an effort to be first to market that is being sacrificed and we end up paying big money for products that are essentially being released before they are ready... I do not buy into the idea that we should be expecting any of this as acceptable...
How did Casey's Mavic end up in the Hudson? I don't think he ever revealed the answer.
How did Casey's Mavic end up in the Hudson? I don't think he ever revealed the answer.
Well, knowing Casey he probably flew out too far and had insufficient battery power to get home. Have you seen how many Phantom 4's he's gone through?

He also has the Karma now and has used it here and there in his last few videos. In the last video he destroyed his Phantom 4 and then had the Karma as a backup. How long before he destorys the Karma.

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