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Master Airscrew Props, for Karma, now available in the U.K. via Amazon.

I bought a set of these props a while back and had to import them from the U.S. - so nice to see them available on the U.K. The official GoPro props were unavailable at the time.
Advantages? The manufacturer states 'Upgrade your GoPro Karma for improved performance, longer flight time and quiet operation.' I have to agree on the quiet(er) operation, not sure on the other two points though...more flights required!
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I have used them (importing from the US to the UK). Much quieter, although I have not noticed any additional flight time compared to the original GoPro propellers.
A lot of old posts on these blades.

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I just bought 2 sets directly from
Master Airscrew and look forward to getting them. I keep reading NEVER but aftermarket batteries or props but with things getting more scarce for both the Karma and DJI Phantom 4 sometimes you have no choice! I’m concerned if the Government keeps restricting drones we’re not going to be able fly anyway.

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