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Karma Drone Batteries


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Jul 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Hi there all!

A question about batteries for the drone.

Do I need to discharge them If I know I am not going to use them for a couple of weeks?

If so how do people discharge their batteries?

And to what level do you discharge them?

Cheers for the help.....
LiPo batteries in general should be stored at about half of usable power range. That is about 3.7 volts per cell. With these batteries is really tough to manage. I do not charge mine until ready to use and then after using only charge to where 2 of the 4 charge indicator lights on. If something happens where I can’t fly a charged battery I still find place to at least hover it until two of charge lights off.

One thing I have noticed with these batteries is that they do discharge over time just sitting much faster than any of my other batteries so is good idea to check once in a while. Not sure why but have to believe has something to do with the charge indicator system.

Lots of good technical articles out there on batteries but storing at full or full discharge is always strongly discouraged.

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Cheers for that info mate.

I had noticed that the battery had dropped to three lights after 2 weeks.
when I was a new pilot, I was surprised to charge my batteries the week before, only to find their charge had declined quite a bit over the week. Now I try to charge right before or the day before.
Cheers for the info.

Will charge the night before or the morning of depending when going out.

Do you fly your batteries until you get the first verbal warning from the controller or keep a more careful eye on the battery time left?

I am guessing the latter rather than the former as you probably need to monitor your distance (both vertical and horizontal) from your position.
The timer seems to be good enough to use as a reference point at least. I do not push the Karma to huge distances when near any sort of populated area and always try to be within easy 5 min. return and land time window as 5 min. approached on timer.

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