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Karma compatibility / usage question


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Mar 27, 2018
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Hello Members,

Just a few questions to you who are familiar with the Gopro Karma drone, as I did not find answers to my questions as I am considering a Karma instead of a Mavic, as I do like its look very much (at least the body shape).

Is it possible to "pair" (or connect?) a Gopro camera directly with the drone? What i mean is omitting the stabilizer grip/gimbal completly. If one would just put a Gopro on top of the drone, would it be possible to get an FPV view, or is the Karma Gimbal/grip essential?

The next thing, I always have seen Gopro Heros with the drone, what about the session, can it also be used?

My intention alltogether is to use a session with the drone, without the Gimbal/Karma grip while maintaining the FPV Video feed on the controller and saving a lot of weight.

Not possible.

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Thanks for you input, despite not hearing what I was hoping for.
You could probably add a session to the top of the drone , while leaving the 5 or 6 attached to the kimball. I believe someone did that on YouTube. Drone requires stabilizer and go pro to fly, unless you can hack it some way[emoji41]

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I concur that you have to have the stabilizer and either a hero 4, 5 or 6 camera. If you use a hero 4, you will need a different camera harness than the 5 or 6. The drone was designed for aerial survey photography in a steady and stable manner, it is not a racing machine. I have just purchased a Fire 8 tablet so that a passenger can concentrate on the photography, while I concentrate on flying and making smooth turns.

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