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How to travel with the karma


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Sep 12, 2018
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Travelling around Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo next year. What's the best way to travel with the drone?

Hand luggage or in the hold?

Will be using various airlines too, from Qatar, Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines, travelling in between everywhere.

Any advice would be helpful!

Most airlines require you to hand-carry the batteries at the very least. Check with the airlines as they all have their own requirements/restrictions.

Given how luggage is tossed around in the cargo-hold, I would personally recommend you treat your drone like camera equipment and hand-carry. I have done this on several international and domestic flights without issue. If you have to pay extra to check other luggage, do it. consider it "Drone insurance". :)

In addition to the Karma backpack as your carry-on, You may also wish to consider what other items you will need to take with you on day-trips. You might consider investing in a day-pack that can not only hold your drone, but also hold water, snacks, other camera accessories, sunscreen, umbrella, essentials, etc. You can throw the standard backpack in your checked luggage, and it won't take up much space. Karma has branded gear, but a standard sized backpack can do the job just fine. keep in mind that a higher end pack might be more protective and more comfortable depending on your personal preference/budget.

I'm headed out on a short domestic trip this weekend, and will likely use a $30 backpack I purchased at Costco to carry all my gear. I will carry it on the plane and either store it under my seat, or pack it back into my carry-on once I get through security.
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I have the karma case, so I could take it in there. But it doesn't conform to hand luggage size so may have to pay more to transport it everywhere.
How do you store the batteries for the flight?

Do you need a special bag for each or can all be stored in one?

Would this battery ruling also apply to the controller and the grip battery/handle?
Make sure that your batteries are no more than half charge and showing two lights, then they will pass the wipe test. For the past two years I have travelled with it as
hand luggage. This goes for Hand Grip Battery as well.

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