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Hey hey from Indiana! (and my first question)


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Aug 5, 2018
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Hey guys! I've flown some in the past with friends but I am just now starting out on my own. I bought in with the much slammed Gopro Karma because I landed a great deal on it and I love the fact the camera and gimbal were detachable, making those two items almost worth the price alone. Anyway, I'm probably going to end up asking a lot of dumb questions here in the start but I will try my best to research for answers and browse the topics before I make any posts.

I'll just ask my first question here I suppose because it is pretty general. I am seeing A LOT of conflicting info on if you need to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate just to fly recreationally or as a hobby. I obviously already registered my drone with the FAA and got squared away there but having to go through the course and take a test for hobby use, this is the first I have heard of it. Has this changed in the past year? Why all the conflicting info? Thanks!
If you fly under the FAA guidelines provided when you register your aircraft and you do not do anything commercial you do not need anything else.

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alright! Thanks for the reply. I think I will eventually go take my test so I can be more knowledgeable and certified in my hobby and possibly move to other things with it down the road but as for right now I just wanted to make sure nothing has changed or no new laws were passed that I missed about just flying for hobby.

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