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Hello from the south of England


Jun 1, 2018
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Picked up a Karma kit last weekend and thus far only managed to do one test flight

was close to the house and in a fenced back garden so not ideal but it coped well

Looking forward to taking it out in the open to get some great footage with the Hero 6

Hopefully will learn some useful information from the forum and will be able to share also
Congratulations M.J. Hamilton. If you are ever near my old home of Cookham on Thames I would love to see some views. Post back here if you can help and I will send you my email address.
Take it easy and don't rush your fences. Here is a clip that I took in Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia recently. Make sure you have a good strong GPS signal and you get some good stable shots:

Cheers guys

I am taking it slow and easy to make sure the drone is not going to bugger off over the horizon with my Hero 6

So far so good - away for the next few weeks so will pick it up when I get home

Whilst in the US I hope to picket an extra battery and some master air screw props

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mjhamilton: While traveling make sure that the battery is no more than a two light or half charge and carry it in your hand luggage.
Good point - from previous experience they seem ok so long as they stay in my carry on bag
Let me know when you get back from your trip. Hope you enjoyed my little clip over St. James church. Here is another tip that you can use other than flying:

This clip will give you a more instructive view:


Never even considered using the grip and stabiliser on the car

I would however most likely buy the cable to separate the grip so you only need to mount the stabiliser which is smaller and lighter on its own
Yes that is a good idea and I have just purchased a extension cable. I will still keep the safety cord through the door jamb, as you need to keep the window open slightly, as you don't want to pinch the cable. Anyway I will be making a demo clip to show all and sundry. All the best on your up coming trip MJ

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