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Greetings from Austin, TX


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Like a lot of folks, I'm a new Karma owner who took advantage of the recent discounts and also like a lot of new Karma owners, I've already crashed my drone and am currently waiting for my replacement via GoPro Care haha!

I did manage to sneak in about a dozen flights before my unfortunate crash and I've really enjoyed the drone and the footage I've been able to capture. I'm videographer / filmmaker mainly specializing in documentary or live event work with the occasional short / sketch video shoot. I've been using GoPros weekly since I bought a Hero 3 Black on launch day so the Karma was the next logical step. Anyways, I look forward to sharing videos and experiences in this group! Here's a video I shot a few weeks back.

Great video mate.
Welcome! When I got into the drone hobby, I decided that I would up my photography game. Why do anything half-way? I have so much to learn, not just about drones, but about photography.
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Hi there!
I am also new (San Antonio) to 'dronership' and these forums. I crashed mine yesterday morning due to connection failure...

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