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Gopro hero side cover hindge.


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Mar 22, 2020
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I noticed that the side cover hindge C shaped tube that hooks to the hindge bar on the gopro has broken.
Iv tried to close it and it positions perfectly fine, slides inwards and locks in place just fine.

it does t seem to come off easily once its locked on the side panel.

do i need to buy new one just because or this will serve its purpose of water proofing the side of the gopro hero 5?

thanks in advance.


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I would buy a new one and use this as a back up, although it sounds like it is working ok. Would you be willing to do a dunk test? Put a small piece of tissue in the battery compartment and do a dunk for a few seconds. Dry off the camera, blow the seals off with air, then open to see if the tissue is wet, if not try dunking for longer, until you feel comfortable that it isn't leaking.
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Hehehe i wont risk this one because its the only one i have for my karma.
Ill just buy a new one. They are cheap anways.
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So taking cover on and off to remove battery is ok? Are you going to fly the Karma in the rain? Why worry about the cover seal if not using the GoPro in water?

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Well no. Im not going to fly the karma in the rain and im only gonna be using this hero 5 for the drone.
Ill be getting a hero 7 for an upgrade and give hero 5 black to my wife so she could have fun and learn from it.
Ill buy the side cover later.
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I would keep the H5B on the Karma, it's a great camera and do you really want to risk your brand new H7B flying? Wives usually want to take snapshots, any cheap P&S will do for them.
That was one consideration i had. To keep hero 5 permanently in the drone and buy hero 7 and 8.

8 i would use personally and she will have the hero 7.
Was wanting to improve the image on my karma. From what i observe on youtube, hero 7 has great colors and a bit more sharpness and detail than the hero 5.

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