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GoPro Hero 6 with non-distortion lens


Mar 20, 2020
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Hi all

I have always loved my little gopros... except for the fisheye distortion. I know the wide angle view is some people's cup of tea but just not mine. So about a year ago I invested in two different replacement lenses from Peau Productions (I have two hero 6's) and have spent about the last year getting used to them. I have a hero 6 with the 8.25 mm Peau Productions non-distortion lens (about 3x zoom compared to the stock lens) and another hero 6 with the 3.37mm Peau Productions non-distortion lens (similar zoom factor to the stock gopro lens). Both of these lenses allow me to shoot linear footage at 4k on my hero 6 (remembering that on the hero 6 one can only use linear mode up to 2k resolution). Also, I think the results are better getting linear footage using optical non-distortion rather than software non-distortion.

I made a little video during the covid 19 lockdown to show "the look" of the 8.25mm lens in case you interested. Have a look and let me know what you thing. Cheers

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That really looks great - I’ll admit I didn’t even know about the option to replace the lens
Yeah man, thanks for the kind words. Regarding knowing about these lenses, me too, it took a long time of being annoyed with the fisheye distortion to discover these lenses. I did a video discussing them here, if you interested

Check out Peau Productions here
I have discovered that Pixaero is also making non distortion lenses as well:

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