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First flight

Some nice shots there. My only suggestion is to keep a close eye on it when flying in residential areas. Based on many posts here, Karma's are susceptible to interference from WiFi signals. Curious - given how cold it was, how long did your battery last? I usually get about 17-18 minutes in mild to warm temps.
Yes, im aware of the interference issues in residencial areas and that's why i didnt go to high just in case but regardless it was a risky test. It was very cold so I flew for 10 minutes only. Not because of low battery but because it was really cold.
I have just come back from The Cook Islands, with my Karma and GoPro 5. I tried to plan all my flights no longer than 10 minutes, This is due to the fact that I was in an area some of the time that was dense jungle, plus I had two spare batteries with me. The only comment I have is that plan your shots with the sun behind you, so as to avoid that horrible glare. I found the drone very stable, but don't let anything distract you from, keeping you eye on it at all times.
Now back in Victoria, BC, I have to fined a spot away from no fly zones, where I can practice all the tricks you can do, and gain experience in flying the Karma. I took along Jordan Hetricks book along for good informed support as well.
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