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Customer Service

Warning do not by the karma drone as they dont help you one bit if you loose it.
In “Maps” on your controller, you can see last know GPS coordinates which might help you find it. GoProhad me upload my flight info to their website & determined flyaway was magnetic interference...I personally had wonderful help from customer service & the’re replacing my Karma, GoPro, etc. I called and waited on hold for less than 5 minutes for help.
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I bought my original Karma kit used on eBay for under 450 bucks. After a few flights the controller crashed and locked up! I rushed to replace the controller on eBay for under 60 dollars but my Capricorn kicked in wanting to fix what I had. I called Tech Support and got a lady with a heavy accent and who talked a million miles an hour I couldn't understand. Frustrated I ended up hanging up on her. The next day I got on the chat help line... The dude asked for a screen shot of my receipt for my eBay purchase of a second hand drone and WHAM!!!! In an instant informed me they were going to warranty the controller, sent a return shipping receipt for FedEx and next thing you know I had a brand new controller for free. I loved my GoPro tech support CHAT help!!!
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