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Controller not updating


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May 14, 2022
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Hi folks, new here and hoping someone may have a solution. I have a Karma that was given to me, the controller and drone itself are on V2.0 and it says everything is up to date when connected to wifi. I know that there's lots of updates after this (I think 2.50.01 is the last) but it doesn't show any updates available. I know there's no way to connect it to a computer to download the update so I'm wondering if there is any way to get the last version on the controller and drone? Thanks for any help.
If your controller and drone connect with no problems, I would NOT do any updates. It seems that with many other users, after doing updates, the controller stops connecting with the drone. You will find lots of complaints on this forum, of controllers no longer connecting to the drone. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it.
Mirage is right.

Please. If your drone is working fine, olease dont update anything. Turn that wifi OFF!!!!

I hope im not too late.
Thanks for your replies guys, unfortunately it will fly with GPS currently no matter what I try. It says calibration failed instantly if I try to calibrate it. Tried the workaround of calibrating the accelerometer first but to no avail. I thought maybe the update would help with the no GPS issue.
Officially you can't update karma controller, because you can't login to gopro account on the controller and there isn't other way how to do that.:

"This notice is to inform users that as of April 30, 2022 any Karma Controller that is not updated to firmware v2.50.01 (released on March 11, 2021) will no longer be able to connect to GoPro and login."

Oh there is.

A manual firmware upgrade to the controller.

Question is. I still do t think this is suppose to be it as in one doesnt need to log in to gopro to be able to pair with the drone.
I don't find manual firmware upgrade to the controller. How can I do that? (Yesterday my karma stopped working with the controller with system version 2.50).

Yes, I think, you're right, but i don't have better idea.
I don't find manual firmware upgrade to the controller. How can I do that? (Yesterday my karma stopped working with the controller with system version 2.50).

Yes, I think, you're right, but i don't have better idea.
Uh ooohh….

Did it unpair or what?

Manual firmware upgrade to kontroller is all over you tube. Very easy to follow instructions there. Iv done it on my other sick drone. Still wont pair no matter what.
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I find only this video for manual reinstall firmware, but it is not official update:
I didn't work on windows for a decade and I have only pc with win 7. I afraid, it's hard for me, maybe i ask someone for help or pc with win 10.

Karma's last flight was in 10.7.2021. I didn't use it to 29.5.2022 and this day died. When i powered on, stabiliser did not move, arms flashing, power button flashing red and controller couldn't pair with the drone. Yes and I tried to unpair and pair, but without success. I read y think, it's not good to stay battery in karma for a long time (stabiliser not insert), i think, it's true, core or anything is dead. Stabiliser in grip is ok. I literally didn't do anything other. I only reset connections in gopro camera, because i can't pair with the phone and sometimes recharged batteries and insert back into karma.

But, i finded anyone near my town sell motherboard, karma without battery and arms, controller with 2.50 and other controller with 2.50.01. I try something from these things.
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Yupp its bad for karma to have batteries/camera installed under storeage.

Iv had my main karma with nothing but the body and no stabilizer/ baterry for 2 years storage straight. Only maintained the battery charge 1 a month or two.

No that video only shows HOW to update and access kontroller debugg.

There is a link in the descriptionor was it amongst the comments on ANOTHER videothat has the latest firmware 2.50.01 and 2.50.00.

Check that out.

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