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Altitude and Distance Errors

Mar 27, 2018
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I am working on my second Karma and so far, no compass issues. But I have a new question to pose. On the last two days of flights (same location), the distance and altitude reading have been way off. It will show 20ft away when I am standing right next to it in flight and when I climb, the altimeter will increase about 3-4 feet for every foot climbed. I hit the 400ft Max Altitude in like 100 feet.

I did compass and accelerometer calibrations with no effect.

I do need to try a different location...any other ideas?
I have never run into this particular issue. However, one thing I have noticed, as far as altitude is concerned is that Karma measures altitude from the launch location. For instance: If you launch and clim vertically to 100ft and then travel over terrain that is at an incline or up a hill you altitude reading will not reflect Karma's Actual distance above the ground rather the distance above the ground in reference to the launch location so still 100ft. This is because of the lack of downward sensors. Another thing to check might be what units you are using: Imperial or Metric. Although this would probably have the opposite affect on your altitude problem. Try resetting the controller and setting up again......Good Luck!
Thanks for the feedback - I have made several additional flights from the same location (home) and the symptoms continue - I need to move to a different location and if the readings are still way off, I will head to TechSupt (again).
That is right, altitude is measured from launch site and is not above sea level unless you are on a beach.
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