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  1. querfeldein Touren

    Spontaneous mountain bike tour at the lake (FollowMe on Karma & Hero 6, 8)

    Hello everyone, a very spontaneous mountain bike tour video on a lake in Germany. With it was the Karma drone, the Hero 6 attached, with the Action Cam the Hero 8 on the chest and in the hand. The FollowMe function and the Watch function were set.
  2. Singularitee

    PSA - Refurbished Karma Drone Kit $300 right now

    Hey all, A co-worker of mine sent this to me, and I promptly ordered. Given that the Karma Grip alone usually sells for $200 (refurbished) this is an extremely-low price point to get all of the below. For any of you that already have the drone or the grip, here's an opportunity to pick up spare...
  3. T

    Proximity sensors

    Greetings, I just got into drones and decided on the karma due the the deal and my need for getting deals. I was going to get something with collision detection but I am a tinkerer and got to thinking. Has anyone thought of adding audible proximity sensors to your drone? Just something to...
  4. goproguy

    Ocean Kiss

    There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the beach, no matter how many times it's sent away...
  5. Joshohoho

    La Union, Philippines Beach Dronie

    No filter, i will get better at editing :)
  6. Joshohoho

    Hello from Austin, Texas.

    Hello all. Im glad I found a Karma drone forum. Ive owned a gopro since 2012 and upgraded to a hero5 and wanted a drone so I "needed" the karma. I don't think its the best drone for the money but like everyone says on other threads, it kinda makes sense if you have a gopro camera, just want to...
  7. Shon

    Karma Flight School: Cliff Kamakazie

    In this thread I will be analyzing crash videos in an effort to learn more about the limitations of technology in the Karma Drone, and how to avoid such issues myself. Hopefully such analysis will help us all fly better and avoid potentially problematic flights. I'm interested in hearing from...
  8. U

    Hovering over water

    How low can you fly Karma, or a drone for that matter, over a body of water? Like for example a beach.
  9. R

    El Nido Islands Explo - Aerial 4K

    Hey fellow flyers, Each time my drone took off, I’ve come to enjoy exploring El Nido a whole lot more! So, I am sharing with you some of my aerial footage. Personally, I still prefer Coron (also in Palawan, Philippines) due to a lot more fish variety when snorkelling, a few Japanese shipwrecks...
  10. R

    Simple Beachfront Spot – Highlights 4K

    Hello, I stayed at this inexpensive beachfront spot in the Philippines, close to some beaches/sandbars, marine life, and falls. I’ve never really “featured” a location so let any feedback to make my video better would be great! There are drone shots and Gopro clips on this one. Thanks for watching!
  11. R

    Manjuyod Sandbar - Aerial 4K

    Hello! Here’s Manjuyod Sandbar, one of our honeymoon spots early February. It can be reached by boat from Bais City (Negros) but we came from my hometown, Cebu. Negros is now the best way as new permits are needed for boat operators to work in the area. This was way more work than I expected...
  12. HeWhoAngersYou

    St Augustine lighthouse raw footage

    un edited video footage of St Augustine lighthouse, enjoy
  13. HeWhoAngersYou

    I have had enough of GoPro so called support

    This was the last e-mail transmission to the SUCK that is GoPro support. After approx 15-18 E-Mail exchanges and the run around with NOTHING getting resolved this is what it has come to....... I have requested on numerous occasions on what you have found with the information I have already...
  14. R

    New Karma Drone user

    Hello all.... I am a new Karma user, having purchased the drone-with-Hero-5 package about a month ago. Yesterday I took to the air for the first time -- why so long between purchase and first flight, you may ask? The thing didn't work. After much contact with Karma Support (n Sydney...
  15. HeWhoAngersYou

    F2 Tornado Damage spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida.

    This is drone footage of the damage from the F2 Tornado spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida. It's truly humbling to witness the Awesome and scary power of this event caused by Mother Nature. To see some places with so much damage and others untouched, it boggles the mind. I also...
  16. HeWhoAngersYou

    Todays test 10-01-17 after 2.0 updates

    Love how the page says "Bug Fixes" lets hope so....Today was very overcast and the new 2.0 firmware had been installed. Took this up to 700 feet and about 2800 feet away from controller with very little break up on screen, never lost contact. then upon returning to my location I took it to 1000'...
  17. Melanie1121

    Traveling with Karma (Flight in transit Abu Dhabi)

    Hello everyone !! I'm new here and i'm so glad to found a forum dedicated to our little Karma :) Maybe you guys can help me ! I will be travelling from Paris to Sydney in October and will be in transit for 2 hours in Abu-Dhabi. I would like to know if I can bring my drone in the United Arab...
  18. R

    Sensor Error?

    A couple days ago I went out to fly the Karma Drone near the ocean... I waited for the GPS signal to acquire which it did. I was on a hiking trail going along the edge of a cliff. I sent it up in the air and got a few minutes in...Since I was on the edge of a cliff I let the drone hover for a...
  19. clackey

    This is GoPro's $799, foldable Karma drone - The wait is finally over.

    "We knew it was coming, but after being delayed earlier this year, GoPro has finally unveiled its Karma drone. The new quadcopter is sleek, compact and foldable, designed to fit in most any backpack. To drive home that point, CEO and Founder Nick Woodman had it on stage all along in plain sight...
  20. clackey

    GoPro: Karma Is Small, In A Big Way

    "In a week GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) will uncover its drone Karma after much anticipation and some delay. In the meantime, though, the company is not keeping a straight face. No, instead it's releasing teaser videos one a time in intervals to elevate the buzz about its first drone. Whether consumer or...