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  1. clackey

    GoPro delays its highly anticipated drone until winter

    GoPro announced its first quarter earnings today, and the details were fairly bleak. It saw its revenue drop by 49.5 percent from the same period in 2015, and it swung from a $22 million profit to a $121 million loss. The company also announced that its new drone, the Karma, will be delayed...
  2. clackey

    GoPro plans to release a 360-degree camera for consumers

    Seems pretty clear that this must be tied to their drone plans... "GoPro announced two spherical camera rigs capable of shooting 360-degree and 3D video for virtual reality last year at the Code Conference, but they are expensive products meant specifically for pro videographers. Since then...
  3. clackey

    GoPro drone with 360-degree camera?

    The GoPro drone’s killer feature could be a 360-degree camera "the company has gotten in the habit of shooting 360-degree videos and publishing them on spherical video-friendly platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Both of those companies have been bullish on the idea of spherical videos" The...
  4. clackey

    GoPro Goal - $360 million quadcopter revenue in 2016

    "We are continuing to model GoPro recognizing $360 million of quadcopter revenue in 2016 on shipments of 450,000 Karma drones, and $900 million in 2017 (at which time a third of GoPro's sales would be quadcopter sales)." Read The fully story at Investor's Business Daily...
  5. clackey

    GoPro Karma Giveaway..

    Win 1 of 100 Karma drones GoPro is giving away at launch! Enter at... http://shop.gopro.com/drones/karma/2016.html