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Jun 7, 2019
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I'm a total newb to drones but not engineering solutions but if not why not hasn't someone made a floatation device? I've seen them in the past but can't recall what for (possibly keys for boats), small co2 capsule that would activate a preformed baloon(boat shaped or pontoons) and inflate instantly when it hit water? I doubt the weight would make a great deal of difference and it could clip onto the skids, with all the 3d printing this can't be a massive issue to build for someone and would save a few peoples bacon as well as making it easier to retrieve?

I don't suppose it does flight time any favors :)
Sort of like the idea of a CO2 inflated life vest...

I am trying a low tech approach and hope to post shots soon. Im using foam pipe insulation zip tied to the landing gear. There is a video of a guy in the Gulf of Mexico testing a rig like that.

In initial testing, I found pool noodles sold at Walmart are too thin to work as well.
The CO2 type devices are sold...but they are basically just helpful for retrieving your drone if it falls in the water. The drone will be a total loss, but if you have insurance through GoPro, you need to give them the actual drone in exchange.
I did some experimenting with this the last few weeks. The 3” (thicker) pool noodles work great but the center of gravity is way more up front than you would expect. Then there’s the issue of keeping the noodles out of the camera frame of view. I’m getting close but last mini test flight I got the te ole “compass” error where it says land manually immediately.. and SMACK right into my vehicle about 5 mph.. I then had the “fuller extend arms” message and face up and cashed in the $$ since I’m in the replacement program.

Let me share a few pics and video in the name of shared research because I’d really like to figure this out as well.7832BA8B-B3BA-4BA6-960D-00CBABCD4FBF.png7832BA8B-B3BA-4BA6-960D-00CBABCD4FBF.png8C1CCC7F-969C-4376-9A61-3ABA6A08F83C.png
It’s bigger than it seems. I used 50 lb monofilament to pull the floats out at the angle.

Finding an epoxy that works well was tricky, but a $1 pack of bamboo skewers works great for trial fit ups!


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HEY! Just dont fly over water as the manual says lmao!
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