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Software Update Warning


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Jul 17, 2017
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Hi there,
Just a warning, make sure you update the Karma software before you go out.

I got up early for some sunrise photos.
Took off and filmed at 5:30am, then landed to change battery, then the controller shut down with an account message saying my 10 day trial was up, and I had to log in a GoPro account.

I've had an active GoPro account for ages, but of course it would not do anything without an internet connection, which I had to drive home to get.

GoPro.com, you really need to sort out your account software and controls for those of us that spend a lot of money on your toys. :(
Had the same thing happen to me right as I was going to get some aerial footage of some fireworks on July 4. Very frustrating.
Yes, and some features changed that had to be quickly learned. The update has some nice provement's but I wish there was a way to communicate what we should be aware of prior to flying
Just be aware that there's separate updates for the Drone, Controller, Grip and the Camera. You didn't elaborate on the "uodate" message you got, or what levels each component is at. If I recall correctly, the Drone / Controller / Grip are each at v1.50 (respectively), and my Hero 5 is at v2.00 based upon updates GA'd at April 25, 2017.
It may have something to do with different regions - but here's the screen shot - Or maybe it;s not available until the 2nd


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Well...I did the upgrade to 1.51 and the first flight after was a disaster! My drone lost GPS and controller conecetion shortly after liftoff and is now sitting in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Maui. Hmmm, coincidence or is 1.51 really a bigger bug than what it was designed to fix????
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See my post here, same deal. I never had problems with connection, before this update, for the first month of ownership.

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