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Snow night


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Jul 27, 2018
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Hi there!

I made some awesome shots last night. The GoPro Hero 6‘s photos are unbelievable! I love this cam!

RAW!!!, ISO 200, 20 Sec.
Photoshop: Lens correction 50%, play around with the RAW settings, done!
Fantastic shot!
Great shot. Not allowed here in holland after sunset.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk
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Great shot. Not allowed here in holland after sunset.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn ONEPLUS A3003 met Tapatalk

Your not allowed to take photos after sunset in Holland!
Thats very draconian. LMAO!
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Great Shot, providing that you keep it close and it view at all times.
Very cool - please elaborate on your mount. Holding it for 20 seconds would have produced some shake!? Did you use a trigger, how??
First I fly my Karma Drone to take high quality videos and still photos of a natural or structural setting. The only time a human being appears on purpose as a selfie or when family has been helping.
Now to change the subject a little to remote controlling of my GoPro 7 Black camera with a Suptig WiFi remote. The camera was mounted on a 5" Optex tripod and about 30" from the food on the mat. It took quite a while for the subject to get use to the camera, but finally I got this clip. So enjoy:

Oh Yes! I forgot to add we have light snow here in Victoria at the moment, So my drone is in mothballs!
The GoPro Hero 6 was inside its frame and attached to the tripod adapter. I mounted it to my large DSLR tripod. I went inside the warm house and remoted controlled my shots with the GoPro app on my iPhone. I played around with exposure time und WhiteBalance until a got a nice set of photos.
After that I took my Canon EOS 7D DSLR and did exact the same shots from the tripod. This time I had to stay outside right beside the Canon to take the photos with my cabled remote trigger.
Next I developed/croped all of the footage in Photoshop in the same way to have a comparison. Result: It's almost impossible to see any difference between the GoPro and a DSLR. GoPros's electronic enhancements do a really great job and compensate most of the lacks due to the small sensor size, iso-noise etc. I really love it!
Great shot. Not allowed here in holland after sunset.

LOL! A dutch pilot complaining about the law in the Netherlands?! :-D The Netherlands is the most dronepilot-friendly country I know. I love the Netherlands and I travel there two times a year. People are really cool and relaxed there. Flying a drone there is so great as the limitations by law are very, very low. I read them again and again and could not believe it. Therefore I always take my drone(s) with me when I travel to your lovely country.

This is some awesome footage I took with my Mavic Pro when I was in Domburg in octobre. I used my little DJI Mavic Pro beacause of the strong winds at the beach. Editing/grading was done with the nice GoPro Quick App. No PC was used! All done by my iPhone.

Here is also a short GoPro Hero 6 with Karma Grip slowmo-sequence of the same beach:

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