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no straight horizon

Gunnar Britse

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Feb 22, 2019
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Sometimes when a change direction with the gopro karma the horizon will be not straight, what to do?
Also wondering if you could post an image of what you mean? And are you referring to the video captured? When you say straight, Do you mean you end up with a tilt, or with a bowed semi circle horizon? check your field of view (FOV) linear vs wide? Wide can ‘bow’ a horizon at certain angles/tilts, where as linear is narrower, and can keep that bowing effect more to a minimum.

If you do mean tilted, youve gotten good advice above. Until the other day i only thought the compass needed calibration, but then like the poster above mentioned there’s other items to calibrate...

Learning day by day :)
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Yeah! Recalibrate your stabiliser mate.
Have a look on youtube there are vids that show you how to do it when it is rigged up to the grip.
You need a dead flat surface like a table. Its sometimes hard to recal it out in the field due to the lack of flat surfaces.
Maybe its another thing to do in preflight checks before you leave home......
No do what Ironspear suggests and follow grandads instructions,
  1. Take your camera and stabilizer out of your Drone and insert it in the Karma Grip.
  2. Place your grip on the table with the camera hanging over the edge and the control buttons vertical.
  3. Then hold the Tilt Lock down for eight seconds.
  4. The grip automatically powers on and starts calibrating.
  5. When the lights stops flashing the calibration is complete.
  6. Return your stabilizer and camera back in the Drone.

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