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New Prices at B&H on Karma

Bummer, the resale price of my Karma just took a hit...
Reposting from a thread I started, if that's against any kind of rules feel free to delete-

I had a whole big thing written out but I decided to just state this- if you're thinking of buying a Karma because of all the discounts going on right now, do yourself a favor and avoid it. Mine crashed in early March and I've been waiting on a working replacement since. They got me one in about two weeks and it was having compass errors and was found to be defective. I have been given no ETA by support, it's kind of unbelievable lol. The support agents have been nice and they are even compensating me with a free clamp mount but what an odyssey this has been.

Once I get a working replacement, it's going on eBay immediately unless someone that frequents these forums would like to buy it for spare parts (I'll have three working batteries and some extra accessories, PM me if you're interested).

In the meantime, I've bought a DJI Spark and even though the camera is basically terrible it's so much fun to fly and so much more stable in terms of keeping a GPS connection that I can't imagine buying another brand. I'm hoping whatever new version of the Mavic Pro comes along will be a true replacement for the quality of video I could pull out of the Karma.
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Just returned from flying my Karma in Nova Scotia. Here is a tip. When you have found your GPS, do one more thing after take off let it sit at the eight foot level to make sure it remains stable. If it wanders slightly, then bring it back down and try a fresh position for a stronger signal and craft stability. Doing this I had no problems with any of my flights. When traveling by air make sure that your batteries are down to two lights, this includes the controller. Security will sniff the rig and you can then take it on as hand luggage.

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