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My first time lapse


Sep 27, 2018
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This is a very dodgy timelapse video done out over the Swan River in the city of Perth, Western Australia. I launched off the roof of my Dads boat in the Marina, left the Karma up as long as possible (to long actually) and then had to bring it in through masts and cables, in the dark, to a very small moving target. Not the best planning but got back in safely. I was a bit disappointed with the final product but it was a learning experience.

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Not bad mate for your first go.
What are you going to do differently on your next try?
What were your settings for this flight?
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Thanks mate. It was very stressful actually having it just hanging out over the river. It was pretty windy also, probably around 10 - 15 kms an hour so that didn't help the process! I made a couple of basic mistakes. Firstly I did a time lapse photo burst rather than a timelapse video which would have absorbed the movement a lot better. Secondly, having chosen photo, I hadn't adjusted the photo settings, in particular dropping the max ISO down to 1600 to reduce the grain. A video could have been done in 4K which would have been amazing but may have reduced flight time because it is battery hungry. Bringing it back was a bit hairy with it telling me the battery was critically low and to decend and land immediately!! It said I had 1 minute left when the props stopped. As you can see from the end of the clip below I am standing up on top of the upper deck of the boat. It was the only spot that I could get a GPS signal and had a small amount of space to manouvre. Things we do for a fly!

Well done.
Great landing.
Thanks for the tips.
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