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Lake Anna Sunrise, Virginia, USA

Very cool! Question, did you record in 720p or just edit it in a lower res?

Thx @SurfDog ... so i recorded in 1080/60 fps, so then i exported the edit (from Filmora) 2 diffways, as im still trying to learn and sort best settings, The version above i exported using: mp4, H.264, 1440*1080, 60fps, 5mb bitrate, and audio AAC, 44100 Hz, @256 kbps bitrate. The first time i had actually used some higher settings, so i made a version II, with a bit lower settings, even though ive no idea yet what all these settings truly mean, just logical assumptions.....
as for uploading to you tube, ive not useed any type of setting, ive just seleected the upload fiel and choose my file, adn that’s it other than filling in the text, tags, and those new extra settgins like copyright thigns, categories, etc.
Ive tried watching a few tutes, but im one of those people who learns best when i can understand tehh why’s of somethg rather than just hearing a set at this and that and what have you..... and those youtubes are tough to find sometimes. Yes im more granular that way than just needing a top level.
So suffice it to say, any editing tips are very welcomed, and if you have the “why’s and how-to-for’s”, thats the best way i learn!

Cheers all ?
Recording in a higher resolution (the highest if poss) allows you more wriggle room when you need to zoom in on a particular portion of film in post production. I usually record in 2k linear then output to 1440p ... I am still learning this stuff though lol.
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