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Know Before you Fly online map

Nick Hobgood

Nov 1, 2017
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Hello fellow pilots!

I am trying to research a flight plan for tomorrow and the U.S. Air Space Map | Know Before You Fly is not working for me. Apart from the Karma map in the controller can you recommend any good online maps that I can consult on my PC as well ? Thanks - Nick
I am not sure where you were on the Potomac. But I thought DC was a no no for Drones.
This was taken 1.5 hour drive from DC in West Virginia in a non-restricted area.
OK Nick,
Thanks for that, As an ex ATC in the RCAF. I was wondering where you were located. My Karma came with a GoPro Five camera, and I find it works great. Provided you don't push the battery limits and plan your flights.
You can try AirMap. It has a website as well as a free app.

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At this moment I am flying over the island of Rarotonga in the area called Muri Lagoon and I have no GPS problems. In Victoria, BC, I found it was impossible due to the restricted areas. It is possible that GoPro have added a no fly to the the system to comply with the FCC rules. This is just a thought mind you.
You should still get a GPS lock even in a no fly zone (if it can get one). Probably there's just too much interference in the area for it to find satellites.
Karma won't get a lock in front of my house and others quads do barely. A half mile away at a park there's no problem at all. Three miles to the East there's a park just inside the edge of a no fly zone, I can get a GPS signal just fine, but need to get permission and I can hit a button stating I have permission so Karma will launch.

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