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Karma Wiring Diagram


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Mar 3, 2019
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Hello, Does anyone either have a wiring diagram, or know where the two red wires that run from the mother board, to either side of camera togle mount go? I received this drone as an unfinished mad scientist project. Trying to peice it back together. The wires were cut on the forward side, but I cannot find where they were attached. Here's a pic of those two wires. Much thanks400
G'day mate!
These wires are not connected to anything.
I am fairly sure they are antennae.
I may be wrong though.
But they are not attached to anything.
Good luck.
Yeah! I just found this video....

It shows a Karma being pulled apart.

Good luck.
Hmmm. I think your picture is from this video clip????
Hope it helps.
There need to be two antennas, one for video transmitter and one for control signal receiver. Both are in 2.4 GHz band so the two red wires look about right. I have seen several comments about the wires going to the landing gear being antenna leads including this video but find that hard to believe. Karma sends warning landing gear not locked in fully open position and I suspect that these leads involved.

Why would anyone do this video anyway? To prove it could be done? And yes factory screws all have something like Blue LocTight on them and this was reassembled without any. Hmmmm,,,

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Jesus, I would have never thought that, I was looking for where to solder them for weeks. Thank you for the help!
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I think they might be gps antennas. There is meant to be a board that has two antennas on it that look like they are 2.4 ghz. Just something I saw tonight as a spare part for sale. might be under the main board.
Those wires are antennae in diversity configuration, both are used for both transmit and receive. Its common in the RF world, just look at your home wiFi router. It may have 2 or more antennae, which improves reception and cancels noise.

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