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Karma flips over on take off

Hiya Tony.

Are you sure you have the props on the correct way?
Yes. New props.

I replaced props after crashing the drone early in the day.
Yes. New props.

I replaced props after crashing the drone early in the day.

Yes Tony but did you replace them correctly?
It has happened to me once, too. Since then I am mindful of where the wind is coming from. Also, in my incident, thermic issues may have played a role, as it was on the shores of a lake, a promenade walk-way.

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Never even heard this one before. What kind of props did you get?

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I have couple of hypothesis:
1. As someone else has told you, props in wrong arms.
2. Wind is too strong
3. The arms of one side of the drone spin faster than the ones on the other side.
4. Software problem

Contact GoPro official support for more information or to discuss this issue
When taking off, just tap the screen, and keep your fingers clear of the controls and let it hover. What I suspected happened was the sideways control was knocked over sharply causing the two port or starboard motors to rev and flip the drone.
Turns out right rear motor damaged. I mailed to GoPro to replace core. I had purchased GoPro Care Insurance.

I had a terrible experience with customer service. After 16 emails and 3 hours on the phone they finally provided address to return core. I had to purchase replacement core from them.

If I had it to do over again, I would have purchased insurance offered by retailer.


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