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Critical Error - Landing in Place (Water Crash)


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Mar 27, 2017
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Has anyone else experienced this error? Unfortunately, mine occurred over a body of water. I still had 14 minutes on a fresh battery and drone was only a few days old. Once the error message was received I had no control of the drone. GoPro replaced the drone, harness and battery but I'm still waiting to find out status of my camera. Of course the drone will not fly without the camera. Wishing I would have gone with DJI or Typhoon.
critical failure message close up.jpg
That's scare and awful. It's good to hear that GoPro is working with you on this.
Were they able to get the flight log files to figure out what happened?
I did send their tech department the flight log but they have not conveyed what the problem was. It has been about three weeks and they still have not replaced the camera that was sent in with an RMA. The only answer I have received (twice now) is "our warehouse is real backed up". GoPro used to be a better company than this IMO.
That's horrible. I guess I'll stick to flying over land for now. Keep us informed on your progress.
I sent the drone, harness and camera back to GoPro in the same box under two RMA's (both sheets in the box and numbers printed on the box). They are claiming they received the drone and harness but not the camera. Apparently they should have sent me two return labels instead of just one as the camera should have gone to a different warehouse. So, as of now they are refusing to replace the camera even though I have proof of delivery. Customer service has been terrible to deal with.
My mavic has been to the shop too - There is a lot to go wrong guys...

The Karma is a different animal - as the grip is for most of us is going to be used as much or more then drone in my opinion - my own experience... anyone else discovering this???
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