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Controller update?

Hi guys. My controller shows that an update is available, I click on it, does its thing as if it's updating, and after the reboot the "update was successful" message is shown, however, the update shows up again as if it was not done. Tried updating several times, connected to WiFi obviously.
Also the drone still does not pair to the controller. I have managed to pair it by resetting the controller to defaults, however, it only worked until I powered both off.
Now I have the same pairing issue. Also, the gimbal does not power up when Karma is on. None of the youtube videos helped. Any other suggestions? This is annoying, now that I have also bought a spare battery :/ This "Karma not found" issue came out of nowhere, overnight.
If the gimble is not activating when you turn the drone on this is normally an indication that the operating system on the drone has failed to boot.
Yes I know this, but im unable to locate the software, v2.50.01

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