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Karma is ready to swim - 3 - 2 - 1


Nov 24, 2017
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Greetings all,

Just about to jet off on my first summer holiday with Karma!
LIPO battery bags purchased and packed into hand luggage.
Propellers taken off and packed into checked baggage.
New sporty floats made out of a pool noodle and packed.

Heading to the island of Mauritius and spending 10 days at the ocean.
Its not that I am anticipating a flyaway or landing in the ocean at any point, its just for extra piece of mind.

Any pilots out there that can give some tips when flying over the ocean and landing on a boat?

My advice would have to be, don't do it! At the least, try landing on a boat in the simulator!
Honestly, I laughed so hard at this but I want to do a lot more water shots but am afraid of the karma crashing and drowning like the Titanic. So this idea seems awesome, but am also curious how well it will work. Let me know! lol :p
Hello....Calm water...should work fine....We use our Karma off our 43' trawler on the west coast...Launching and landing on the boat... conditions have to be right...We have a mast that supports radar....other antenna's and such....and its supported with wires in four directions...so the area left to land on is quite small...so far no issues...but some floats crossed my mind in the past as an alternative to setting karma on the upper deck if conditions (wind) get crappy....Thanks for the pic and your thoughts...Wes
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Good news is that Karma never went for a swim!

Pool noodles did get in the way of the camera, so those were ditched once I gained enough confidence to fly over the water.

Key to all this is calm waters, as wintertree said. No need to fly in rough conditions.

Will post some epic fotage
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The main reason why I love Karma is the fact that is piggy backs my GoPro. I have 3 different perspectives in this video, and all captured on my GoPro. Then footage was transferred to my phone and video created within minutes. Love it - the perfect family camcorder!

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