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karma drone

  1. goproguy

    Beautiful tropical island - or is it?

  2. goproguy

    'The Pond' Safety Bay Western Australia

    Shot on the GoPro Hero 6 Black on the Karma Drone It's hard to imagine that just twenty years ago the sand spit now known as Tern Island didn't exist. Forming a semi-enclosed body of water it's now a haven for wildlife and recognised as one of the world's premier kite and windsurfing...
  3. G

    Loss of power Karma Crash

    Just created a case with GoPro on the loss of my Karma this morning. Two minutes into flight had power loss and 200 foot fall to asphalt. Drone is destroyed along with my Hero 4 Silver. Praying I get the service from them that I should. I studied this for a year before I made the decision and...
  4. R

    Sensor Error?

    A couple days ago I went out to fly the Karma Drone near the ocean... I waited for the GPS signal to acquire which it did. I was on a hiking trail going along the edge of a cliff. I sent it up in the air and got a few minutes in...Since I was on the edge of a cliff I let the drone hover for a...
  5. Rambler358

    Was waffling back and forth...

    So at first I thought I had decided on the Karma drone. But then I changed my mind wanting the new DJI Spark, and I was sure enough to preorder the Spark through BHPhotoVideo. One of the main factors was the Spark kit was about 1/2 the cost of the Karma kit (by kit I'm referring to extra...
  6. J

    where am i and how to get back with my karma drone

    What do people use when flying Karma to help with identifying the flying path going then turning back to home? I know on the left bottom of the controller screen there is the arrow that shows direction etc., but I have seen on some drones on their software while they have a live view they also...