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hero 6

  1. querfeldein Touren

    Spontaneous mountain bike tour at the lake (FollowMe on Karma & Hero 6, 8)

    Hello everyone, a very spontaneous mountain bike tour video on a lake in Germany. With it was the Karma drone, the Hero 6 attached, with the Action Cam the Hero 8 on the chest and in the hand. The FollowMe function and the Watch function were set.
  2. L

    Karma Hero 6 for Close-Up Inspections??

    Hello Dronies, Wanted to know if anyone has experience using the Karma to shoot video of close-ups. I am finding that it is pretty tricky to get in close enough to get a close-up shot of, let's say a part on a high-tension cable. Does the DJI Phantom 4 have better capabilities for a job like...
  3. goproguy

    Ocean Kiss

    There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the beach, no matter how many times it's sent away...
  4. goproguy

    'The Pond' Safety Bay Western Australia

    Shot on the GoPro Hero 6 Black on the Karma Drone It's hard to imagine that just twenty years ago the sand spit now known as Tern Island didn't exist. Forming a semi-enclosed body of water it's now a haven for wildlife and recognised as one of the world's premier kite and windsurfing...
  5. T

    Budget drone that works withe hero 6

    Hello all, Ive been searching for a drone in the 100 dollar range that i can mount my hero 6 to. Any ideas on which drone and what type of mount i can use? Preferably a drone that has altitude hold thanks Tamim
  6. P

    Disposable Hero 5 & Hero 6

    I don't think I had any idea when I purchased my Karma kit that my Hero 5 was a 'disposable camera'. I say this because after a recent crash I found that the LCD screen on my Hero 5 was cracked and couldn't be viewed. Shortly after, I found that despite the LCD being a $40 part from China, no...