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  1. Knut

    Autoshot paths: Orbit and Follow Me

    We live in a rural area, Hallingdal, in southern Norway. By us, the winter is long, and summer is short. This video is from April 28th. My wife and I used snow shoes for this trip. I used the autopaths Orbit and Follow Me for the footages. Enjoy.
  2. koshmar

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello everybody, recently purchased GoPro Karma and still waiting to test it (because weather is bad (windy and rainy) :mad: I hope I will have fun with the drone because I most certainly love my GoPro HERO5 and HERO6 :) If anybody have Instagram with their GoPro footage, comment your acc name...
  3. D

    Best Backpack to carry my Drone

    Hi Guys, Im travelling to Canada in June and was thinking about taking my drone (I know Im not allowed to fly it in national parks). Was just wondering whats the best packpack to use for carry on? I have the karma case but that doesn't fit everything I want i.e laptop and the seeker looks a lot...