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  1. D

    Karma battery fault

    Hey, guys. So I bought myself a GoPro Karma Drone a couple of weeks ago off Ebay and the battery was not charging. It was blinking 4 times and going off. Today I received my new battery that I ordered new from the GoPro site but I seem to be having the same problem. Do you think it's the...
  2. B

    How many charge cycles on a battery?

    Does anybody have any idea how many charge cycles a Karma battery can effectively deliver? It would seem draining that beast in 17 minutes would take a serious toll on it. As a side note, it's a heck of a pocket warmer when taken out after a flight. Thanks!
  3. G

    Karma drone charger unresponsive

    Has anyone ever plugged a karma drone battery in and got no response from the charger? The charger light is working and the usb c lead charges stabiliser and controller as normal. I have 2 batteries and neither get a charge from the charger. All connection were clean and have been cleaned...
  4. Rantati7

    Battery problem Battery

    I have two Karma’s bought one month apart in April 2018. What could be the problem: original battery works in the device it came with but they cannot be interchanged. The only difference that I see in these two batteries is that one has a red tape above the changing led and the other one is...
  5. D


    Hi Folks! I recently slammed my Karma into a tree branch and the drone fell, broke through some thin ice, and ended up in a foot of water. I know, I know... Anyway, the camera and stabilizer broke free when the unit hit the ice and they are fine (tested in the hand-held Grip). I dried the drone...
  6. R

    Unplanned Tilt-Shift/Diorama Mini Time Lapse in Strong Winds

    Stable Version Non-stabilized Version Here’s an unplanned short video of a tilt-shift/miniature/diorama with the Mavic Pro. I was initially planning to see how well and how long it would hover under strong winds and okayish temps. Speeds in the video vary between 100x and 4000x plus a...