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    karma crashed. Gimbal broken

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if you can help me with a lil of information about my gimbal. I had an accident with my karma drone and a crashed. Everything on my karma is ok except my gimbal. As you can see on my pictures, there are two parts where the device seems to be broken. It's...
  2. B

    Any other gimbal possible?

    Hi folks, I’m planning to buy the GoPro karma. since I already have the feiyu tech g5 Gimbal I was wondering if I can use this one with the karma drone as well. Probably not, I didn’t find anything online but for sure you guys can help me with this question. Thanks a lot in advance...
  3. W

    Horizontal tilt issue?

    I am almost ready to buy the Karma drone bundle package, but I read on some reviews, and also saw some Youtube videos, that the videos can be recorded slightly tilted. I also read that this tilt can be corrected somewhat easily but it requires landing the drone and going through a calibration...