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  1. S

    How to improve Karma's footage

    Hi everyone, I'm Jakub from Warsaw in Poland. We're planning with my Indonesian wife to fly karma on holidays in Asia, however, after many tests I'm still sceptical about my footage and I'm asking you to provide some helpful tips how to improve overall quality. Hopefully my thread will help not...
  2. HeWhoAngersYou

    F2 Tornado Damage spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida.

    This is drone footage of the damage from the F2 Tornado spawned by Hurricane Irma in St. Augustine , Florida. It's truly humbling to witness the Awesome and scary power of this event caused by Mother Nature. To see some places with so much damage and others untouched, it boggles the mind. I also...
  3. clackey

    GoPro releases new 4K sample footage from the Karma drone

    GoPro is about to announce what is likely to be disappointing earnings from the company's fourth quarter of 2015, so what better to distract from that than some new footage from the company's upcoming drone? The footage shows skier Bobby Brown cruising down a hill holding what you'd think was...