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  1. Shon

    Karma Flight School: Karma Drone Lost connection

    In this thread I will be analyzing crash videos in an effort to learn more about the limitations of technology in the Karma Drone, and how to avoid such issues myself. Hopefully such analysis will help us all fly better and avoid potentially problematic flights. I'm interested in hearing from...
  2. V

    Scary Karma

    Hello everybody I just would like to say hello. I got my Karma with a Hero6 for christmas. Unfortunatly at the third flight, the Karma crashed (with over 90km/h) into the woods. GoPro was quit nice and is sending me a replacement. However, due to this accident, i got online and searched for...
  3. C

    Karma Crashed Itself

    Today I was flying the Karma in a wooded area with a giant abandoned bridge that goes over a river and valley. After about 7 minutes of flying with complete control and GPS signal to a distance of about 300 ft away, I came back to land on the paved road beneath the bridge. With about 2 feet left...