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  1. A

    Controller does not initialize

    Yesterday when going out for a ride with the drone, I couldn't turn on the controller. It just didn't turn on, none of the lights, not even the battery. I figured it was discharged (despite having left the controller charged the last time I used it) and put it to charge the battery. The problem...
  2. Z

    Changing Karma Joystick Controls

    Hey everyone! New here, but making this post to seek advice and post my progress of trying to edit the way I control my karma drone using the controller. Here's my issue, as someone who plays a lot of fps games, call of duty, etc. I am very used to the way you use the 2 joysticks to control...
  3. S

    Controller Speaker Static?

    I'm new to all drones -- went with a Karma because of long familiarity with GoPro cameras and their accessories. I'm getting a very annoying static sound out of the controller speaker somewhat intermittently. It will vanish during a flight only to recur on the next flight. Bad controller or...