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    It's not you, it's me

    Read through this entire post. If you follow the guidelines as late out, you should be fine. https://community.gopro.com/t5/Karma/PLEASE-READ-if-you-plan-to-fly/td-p/59970
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    It's not you, it's me

    I've been flying my Karma since the day it came out (both times). I live on the coast and most of my flying is on beaches and over the ocean. No issues.
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    Wifi extender/repeater for Karma.

    Yas, GoPro was good enough to send you a new drone (most likely because they are just clearing inventory), but your understanding of controller connection and satellite connection is way off. Losing connection to the controller WILL NOT lead to a "fly away". Losing connection to the controller...
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    New karma owner : Advices

    If you had bought the book, or done any research on drones, then you would know that GPS loss has absolutely nothing to do with how close, or far, the drone is to the controller.
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    Best Backpack to carry my Drone

    New Seeker is just bigger and has a divider in the rear compartment so you can put a 15" laptop and water bladder in it. The $89 Seeker is a great deal, but having the extra space would be nice to have with the new model (even if it's just a few inches).
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    Tried to land, stuck at 8" AGL, could not get to ground

    It was auto landing. My friend reported the something very similar to me. He swore that it wasn't and that it was just refusing to land as he pulled down on the left stick. Luckily his wife happened to be standing next to him filming with her phone. When we looked at the footage you could...
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    To be clear, GPS has nothing to do with how close your drone is to the controller. Also, GPS strength can vary by the hour, day, and location. Always check the available satellite count and kp index before you fly. A very handy app to use is UAV forecast. Once you have it downloaded, go into...
  8. J

    Karma Flight School: Karma and the Train

    It looks like he loses GPS twice, early on and right after we see the smiling child. In either case, it appears to be pilot error/inexperience. We don't know the # of satellites available for lock or kp index on this particular day but the flying location is certainly a poor choice. Also, the...
  9. J

    Not beable to fly

    Read through this entire post, it might be able to assist you https://community.gopro.com/t5/Karma/PLEASE-READ-if-you-plan-to-fly/td-p/59970
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    G'day from 'straya (Australia)

    I've had mine since it came out (both times). No issues and lots of great shots. Have fun. Check out this post on the GoPro Community Support site for info on safe flying. Be sure to read the entire post as all of the information isn't on the post marked as the solution (most, but not all)...
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    Best Procedure to Calibrate

    The controller will cause compass interference. Never calibrate with the controller in your hand. Additionally, DO NOT calibrate your compass where there is a chance of strong magnetic interference, such as magnetite, parking structures, and steel reinforcements underground. DO NOT carry...
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    You need to have the controller and drone connected to calibrate. Both the drone and controller have GPS chips. If the controller doesn't have GPS it might be getting interference. Treat the controller the same way as the drone and avoid having it near electrical devices. Also, check for...
  13. J


    First, keep the controller at least 10 feet away from the drone. As others have said, you also want to be in an area free from interference. Don't have a phone or other electronic devices on your person. Stay away from metal (both above and below ground). Avoid concrete that might have metal...
  14. J

    New Karma Drone user

    Even beyond the relationship of the Grip and Controller, the Grip has no way to connect wirelessly. So even if they wanted to add the function to update the Grip from the controller, they cannot communicate with each other. It would be silly to add to the cost of the Grip just to add a wireless...